Development is one of the key elements of our brand strategy. At Lemarrc GmbH, we believe that supporting startups is the best way to foster innovation and create new job opportunities. We focus on investing in projects with high growth potential that have the chance to make a real impact on the world.

We believe that a partnership based on shared values is the key to success. We invest in early-stage development startups, in the pre-seed or seed phase.

What do we invest in?

What kind of investments are we looking for?

business excellence

As part of our collaboration with companies in the renewable energy sector, we also offer support in the following areas:

private capital

We have a significant pool of private capital that enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to market needs.

Trusted Top Management

In our company, we have an experienced team of managers who have expertise in implementing investments in the renewable energy sector.

Value-based Partnership

We believe that a partnership based on shared values is the key to success. Therefore, we collaborate with companies that share our values, such as:


Our goal is to support the development of innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs who have the potential to become global leaders in their industries. Our team of investors has many years of experience in the venture capital industry. We have an excellent understanding of the needs of startups and can provide them with the necessary business and financial support.

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