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Why us?

We are characterised by responsibility that allows us to effectively manage risk and achieve stable returns. Our company engages in investments with high return potential in exceptional locations around the world. Our experienced team of experts has already carried out 35 successful investments in 6 European countries.

The implementation of modern tools and technologies, such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, enables us to efficiently identify the best investment opportunities. However, our priority value is accountability, which allows us to effectively manage our clients’ portfolios through investment diversification.

The story of Lemarrc Horizons began with a dream of a sustainable future where ecology and innovation join forces for the good of the planet. The company was founded by Seweryn Slaski, a visionary who was inspired by the growing challenges of the need for renewable energy and increasingly severe pollution.

Seweryn Slaski, observing dynamic changes in the climate and awareness of the global environmental crisis, decided to take action. He created a company that is not only profitable, but also contributes to sustainable solutions for future generations.

In its early years, Lemarrc Horizons focused on research and development of innovative technologies related to renewable energy. Thanks to the determination and commitment of its team of experts, the company quickly gained recognition in the industry.

Then and now

As it grew, Lemarrc Horizons expanded internationally, establishing partnerships with various partners and institutions interested in ecology and innovation. As the company’s guiding light, Seweryn Slaski has always been driven by a mission to create projects that not only generate profits, but also have a positive impact on the environment.

Today, Lemarrc Horizons is at the forefront of innovative environmental solutions, engaging in projects on a global scale. Our story is not only about business, but also about passion, social commitment and concern for the future of our planet.