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“Investing is a combination of science, art, and imagination.”

– David Dreman

Why Lemarrc?


Investments with high return potential in extraordinary locations.


A team of experienced experts who have completed 35 investments in 6 European countries.

Innovative approach:

We utilize modern tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to identify the best investments.

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About Us

Lemarrc GmbH is a family investment company of Polish origin that takes care of the security of the assets entrusted to us.


We create a community based on shared goals, values, and passions, which has made us the creator of the largest Polish service group.


In 18 years, we have built a strong capital position and have become the undisputed market leader in Poland. Our experience and precision enable us to consistently maintain the highest service quality in six European countries.

Seweryn Slaski


The founder and CEO of Lemarrc GmbH, based in Berlin. Connected with the Lemarrc Group of companies for nearly 20 years. Initially involved in financial and legal consultations for Polish companies in Germany, he now oversees the group’s investment portfolio and develops new business areas. A visionary entrepreneur who courageously implements new plans and investments throughout Europe. He has a good understanding of the market and navigates skillfully in investment projects in renewable energy and real estate. He knows the taste of success, but also of failure – in addition to a list of achievements, he boldly adds a bankruptcy process from which he quickly recovered. Privately, he has been a happily married man and a father of three children for many years. With them in mind, he pursues his greatest passion, which is leading the business.

Our goal is to help people in the best way possible. this is a basic principle in every case and cause for success. contact us today for a free consultation. 

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