As part of equity, we offer:

renewable energy sources

The lemarrc GmbH fund has both photovoltaic farm projects and ready-made investments for sale. We have been investing in the potential of renewable energies for years, but also provide our customers with the opportunity to build photovoltaic farms, energy storage or biogas plants with the fund’s own brand – VAGATHON.

From consultancy and autyid, through project preparation and cost estimation, to the delivery of components and installation of the plant. All in order to provide our investors with a premium service.

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Over the years, we have been able to develop our business in the agricultural sector towards sustainability. We have also looked into investing our and our clients’ capital in the production of organic and mineral fertilisers.

Every day, our team focuses on providing farmers with innovative solutions to help them create more efficient and environmentally friendly farms.

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Raw material extraction

In the area of raw material extraction, we are guided by the principles of social responsibility and environmental protection. Our investments focus on innovative technologies that allow for the efficient and sustainable extraction of natural resources.


We support projects that take care to minimise the impact on ecosystems, while providing the necessary raw materials for various industries.

What investments are we looking for?

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