Our brands

Lemarrc GmbH is a family investment company that takes care of the security of the assets entrusted to us. We create a community based on shared goals, values, and passions, which has made us the creator of the largest Polish service group.

Lemarrc Horizons is a company with passion and commitment in the fields of renewable energy, real estate and many innovative projects in Germany, Poland and Albania. We stand for sustainability, ecology and trust.

VONOTUS BS is a consulting company dedicated to introducing companies to the German market, building relationships between entities and obtaining financing for business development. We create a community based on shared goals, values and passions.

Agri Nutra is a team of passionate people who believe that sustainable agriculture, ecology and innovation are key to the survival of our planet. We are visionaries who believe that it is possible to combine agricultural efficiency with environmental protection.

Greenology is a company that has implemented and patented technologies to produce hydrogen from plastics, among other things, which contribute to the development of emission-free fuels and environmental protection.

Green Venguard Energy is a company developing photovoltaic projects in Poland. We offer a wide range of services, from local potential analysis, design, construction and installation to service and maintenance of green energy installations.

Lemarrc Immobilien is part of the larger holding group lemarrc GmbH, dedicated to diversifying investors' investment portfolios. The aim of lemarrc Immobilien is innovative property development projects in Germany, Poland and Albania.

Vagathon is a group of experienced engineers and entrepreneurs for whom green energy is not only environmental protection and work, but also a passion. We provide installation services for photovoltaic systems above 50 KW in the European Union.

Sverinus is a company that not only implements, innovative photovoltaic solutions, but also assists in their selection. Through comprehensive project management, it provides its customers with the peace of mind that their investment will be safe and profitable.