Our team

Katarzyna Brzewińska

Managing Partner
CEO - Agrinutra

Katarzyna Brzewińska, an entrepreneurial leader with passion and vision, has had a dynamic career since the early 1990s. Her achievements include managing multiple companies and collaborating with numerous international firms, establishing her as a highly esteemed figure in the industry.

Since 2012, Katarzyna has led a legal and tax consultancy serving both Polish and international entities. Her extensive knowledge and experience attract clients from various sectors, ensuring professional and comprehensive service.

Privately, Katarzyna is a mother of three, demonstrating exceptional organizational skills and time management abilities. Her interests span travel, aviation, reading, and sports, reflecting her enthusiasm for an active and fulfilling life.

As an Aries, Katarzyna Brzewińska embodies energy, determination, and courage. Her natural charisma, self-assurance, and decisiveness make her an inspiring leader who motivates others to take action. Driven by independence and ambition, Katarzyna continually strives for excellence, introducing innovative solutions both in business and personal endeavors.

Luiza Grądzka

Managing Partner

For Luiza, real estate, sales, and marketing are not just a job, but a passion. 

Luiza boasts over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, during which she has been responsible for the sales of several development projects valued at over 60 million euros. 

Her career began with one of the first residential projects in Wilanów, “Wilanów One.” Over the following years, she gained extensive professional experience working for renowned companies such as Skanska, Yareal, and White Star Real Estate. This has provided her with a broad understanding of creating projects that perfectly align with investors’ needs—both financially and aesthetically. 

Luiza is an expert in recruitment and building sales teams that achieve tangible success. She assists companies in change and transformation processes, firmly believing that people are the key to any organization’s success. Working with them is a source of inspiration and personal growth for her. 

Privately, she is a proud mother of a creative teenager who shares her unconventional approach to life. Luiza seamlessly balances her professional and personal life, which provides her with mental comfort and allows her to pursue passions such as sports, travel, dance, and art. 

Her mantra is encapsulated in the words of Jeffrey Gitomer, who said: “Great salespeople are relationship builders who provide value and help their customers win.” 

Sajmir Beqiri

Managing Partner

Sajmir Beqiri is an exceptionally kind, cheerful, and smiling member of the Lemarrc team who brings positive energy to every team. Originally from Albania, Sajmir is characterized not only by a strong work ethic but also by exceptional managerial skills.

He is a personable individual who easily establishes relationships and effectively communicates with both colleagues and clients.
He excels in office matters, making him indispensable in daily administrative and organizational duties. Thanks to his commitment and professionalism, every collaboration with him runs smoothly and efficiently.